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a cleaner future

Net Zero Strategies & Solutions for Business

Net Zero Strategies

We assist corporations in developing and implementing comprehensive net zero strategies to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve sustainability goals.

Renewable Energy

Our consultancy firm offers an holistic approach, analysing energy
consumption patterns, identifying emission sources, and recommending tailored solutions to optimise energy efficiency and transition to renewable energy sources.

Carbon Offsetting

We provide guidance on carbon offsetting, renewable energy procurement, and sustainable practices, enabling corporations to make significant progress towards their net zero targets.

The Future Sustainability of your Business Starts Today

Green Key Enviro is a leading consultancy firm specialising in comprehensive solutions in the fields of Solar Feasibility, Battery Technology, Project Management, and Net Zero Strategies & Solutions for businesses.

With a team of highly skilled professionals and extensive industry experience, we offer tailored services to help corporations navigate the complexities of renewable energy adoption and sustainability initiatives.

WHY choose US?

Choosing Green Key Enviro Delivers

Our team comprises industry experts with in-depth knowledge and experience in solar feasibility, battery technology, project management, net-zero strategies and solutions. We understand that each corporation has unique requirements. We provide customised solutions that align with our client’s goals, resources, and constraints.


Comprehensive Approach

Our consultancy firm takes an holistic approach, considering technical, financial, regulatory, and environmental aspects to deliver integrated solutions.


Proven Track Record

We have a successful track record of assisting corporations in achieving their renewable energy and sustainability objectives.


Client-centric Focus

We prioritise client satisfaction and maintain open communication throughout the engagement, ensuring that our client’s needs are met at every stage.

Our Capabilities


Our consultancy firm excels in assessing the feasibility of solar energy projects for corporations. We conduct thorough site evaluations, analysing factors such as solar resource availability, site suitability, regulatory requirements, and financial viability.

Battery Technology

We specialise in battery technology solutions, helping corporations optimise their energy storage capabilities.

Project Management

We understand the importance of effective project management to achieve successful renewable energy initiatives. Our experienced project managers oversee every aspect of the project lifecycle, from planning and procurement to implementation and monitoring.

Building Energy Efficiencies

Our Building Energy Efficiencies refer to the measures and practices implemented in buildings to reduce energy consumption and improve overall energy performance.

Net Zero Strategies

The goal of reaching net zero emissions is crucial in combating climate change and limiting global warming. At Green Key Enviro, we can help businesses large or small create the strategies to achieve their own pathways to meet their investment & government legislative requirements.


Here’s what our clients & partners say:

David Walsh CEO CIM

Collaborating with Green Key Enviro is beneficial for any business. Their outside the box thinking and extensive experience in the corporate world allows them to provide flexible solutions tailored to your needs for any building type. I recommend this team to any of my clients that need assistance with their energy efficiency solutions.”

Nathan Pope, COO NGE

We have partnered with Damien and his team across portfolios of work for the past four years. Damien is highly passionate about the renewable energy sector, and his passion is met with his undeniable knowledge. The projects we have worked on with Damien have been run on time and budget, and any issues that have arisen have been met with minimal fuss. NG/E would recommend Damien and GKE to anyone looking to meet their renewable targets. I cannot speak more highly of his services.

Brad Dalrymple,
Principle Environmental Engineer

The team at Green Key Enviro are passionate about outcomes for their clients. We have provided stormwater solutions for GKE’s clients that has achieved results in diverting over 20 tonnes of storm water waste to our oceans. Their depth of knowledge on environmental solutions and experienced partners makes them the only choice for any business to achieve their sustainability goals.

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Our Partners

DS Energy has worked with Green Key Enviro (GKE) for over 2 years, installing solar based on GKE design briefs and tender evaluations.

1 Circle Energy Consultants have provided electricity procurement, electricity forecasting, smart metering and financial performance data of solar, utilising GKE design briefs and tender evaluations.

NGE is a Solar Integrator that has worked with Green Key Enviro (GKE) for over 5 years, installing solar based on GKE design briefs and tender evaluations.

ADP Consulting is a trusted sustainability-led engineering consultancy, specialising in Electrical mechanical, fire, structural and hydraulic engineering. GKE partners with ADP’s extensive experience to assist with GKE client outcomes.

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Learn more about how Green Key Enviro can assist your corporation in realising its solar feasibility, battery technology, project management, and net zero goals.

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